Good is Coming

Good is coming is not exactly a blog, but it's not not a blog. It's a space for my husband and I to express and explore the things that we feel have been given us to share. It's a place for recipes and anecdotes, thoughts and sketches, hopes and fears. The saying good is coming has a deep meaning for us, if you want to catch a glimpse of that hop on over to our site! 



Freedom Physical Therapy & Training Center

Working with Donny & Bethany Dequine was such a blast!  I think the world of  this couple; they are so passionate about what they do and you can tell that this is not just a job for them. This is a yearning to bring others to wholeness that reaches into every corner of their lives.  It is an honor to me when the work that I do helps others to achieve their dreams. I'm really excited to see what these two and their whole team will do in the coming years! 



My Story My God

I love when the world gets all small on me. It enables people like Niki Hardy to drop into my lap! Her story and her outlook of hope and humor in the midst of a hard-hand-dealt have been in inspiration to me and an unexpected gift while working alongside her to brand My Story My God.



Rachel Elisabeth Photography

Rachel was such a blast to work with! We met through my husband who went to school with her at Davidson. So when she contacted me I had a pretty reliable source that said she rocked (turned out to be true). Rachel Elisabeth is based out of Charlotte, NC. Her artful photography specializes in capturing emotional connection.



Studio O'Reilly

I came to know Jonathon & Christi O'Reilly through a string of mutual friends and they are straight up, no messing around, wonderful people. They're a couple who works side by side (something I aspire to do, cough cough get ready Dan Casey) to bring beautiful order into the world. Their definition for a designed life(style) is this: a place where work, life, and inspiration are all equal and integrated naturally. Check out their site for more gold!



Bethany & Camera

When Bethany approached me about designing the logo for her photography business...I. Was. Stoked. I've seen Bethany establish her style and develop her skill over the past several years and I was honored that she asked me to come alongside her. Bethany wanted a logo that reflected her - full of seemingly contrasting things that somehow work together for a beautiful harmony. She likes fashion and motorcross, the sunflowers of the Midwest and the sunrise of the west coast. So we came together and created a brand that captures that. Bethany & camera, best of luck out there - can't wait to see where your talent take you. Check out her work!



LindieBeth Photography

Oh man. I'm kind of obsessed with Lindie (don't tell her, that would be weird). The way that she pursues life and her passions inspires me to seek my own even more. A while back we decided to swap services when she was starting up her photography biz. So I got to create, which I love to do, and I also go engagement photos. Obviously I got the best end of that stick! Check her out, it's worth your time.



Migrant Wellness

What I love most about freelancing is being able to be apart of people's dreams. So pumped about Migrant Wellness, a holistic health coaching business inspired by the idea that health is something that follows you through your whole life. Lacymarie, can't wait to see you thrive! 

Chuck & Bev's

Chuck & Bev's is the exit project I took on in my senior year at the University of Kansas. The concept was to brand a "market, bakery, & bistro" shop with a visual identity and style. I wanted the vision of the brand to be driven by the nature of the business itself, which is tying together the cordiality of the corner bakery atmosphere and the quality of the high end grocery store.

Fun fact: "Chuck & Bev's" comes from the name of my paternal grandparents, Charles and Beverly Olson.